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Name: Dandy
Country: USa
Homepage: Poetrypoem/dandy

Message: It has been some time since I climbed from the train and the hills of Mt Fugi. We were doing the usual sightseeing. Three black men in uniform and me Caucasion. We were a strange sight to the Natives. We were stuck trying to find a way off the tram at our destination. Rush hour we had no choice but to ride to the end of the line. Lost few spoke English so we followed the crowd. Realizing we were climbing the mountain base. Finally seeing us confused one of our fellow climbers told us we should return to the tram and where to get off in city center. I have never forgotten the beauty of the mountain and the people surrounding us. I bought my younger sister a Christmas present knowing nothing only it was a doll. Turned out it was the Original numbered Barbie Doll and with it the first Ken Doll and a Japaneze Komona. Sister gave it to her daughter and helped pay college tuition./dandy

Date Received: 2014-03-27 17:39:58

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