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Firtst of all, I want to say a heartfelt "thanks" to each and all of you, who has left me a thoughtful feedback and also signed my guestbok.Thank you again for reading my poetry and for your support in every way.I do really appreciate it a lot.

aka ladydp2000

Welcome! To my very humbled homepage
I'm so glad that you've stopped by today
In the future, I hope you visit me again,
Therefore,thank you so much for stopping by!

You can come back any day- it's up to you,
Any day or night, whatever, have it your way!
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With love always,

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Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

Thank you again for reading me :)


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Look Into My Eyes My True Love My Darling~

When I see your smile my troubles go ‘way
take my hand since you already have my heart
for a long time I've given you all my love too.

No other love like yours I've ever really known
just come with me and never let's us be apart
cause your love's fire fed my heart and made it warmly grown.

Through life we now journey this road together
and all my love from my heart I give to you alone
I'll just keep you and our true love will cherish just forever.

Here in my heart all my love and trust you can just keep
always so very close to your own heart and your soul
Look into my eyes see all my true love for you so deep.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


L***, I love you my darling very much forever and always,and always and forever, and ever,eternity..*Smiling*
L*** ,I love you, more and more with each passing new day my dearest darling, my one and only true love forever and always.
My dearest darling,my love just thinking of you n' your love makes me so very happy everyday,I love you so very much n' I want you forever.
I'll never,ever leave you L*** ,my love.Please never leave me neither.We belong together forever n always,eternity.I love you more and more,every second,minute,hour.
L***, my love, 'll never stop loving you neither...not ever...*Smiling*....

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~How Can I Not Love You?~
(Free Verse)

Even before
I met you the way I do now
I always
knew about You, perhaps not
in the sense and the
right way that I am
so lucky to do up to
this day.
But I always
felt your presence and knew
of your existence.
And I know that for sure
I already loved
You all those years even
before I met
You all the way
that I was supposed
to do.
How can I not love You,
and want to know more
about You and
all that You are and
mean to me;
after all that You've done
not just for me but
for everyone else that I know personally
and that I may not know in my life.
You've made me the person
that I am today;
You've molded me into
a better human being,
and that's for sure,
I know that I'm a better creature
now, than I ever been in the
Since I met You personally and
accepted you into my heart.
Since I confessed each and all
of my sins to You,
with all my heart and
I feel for sure a lot better,
I am kind of relieved.
Oh my Beloved, sweet Jesus,
I do love You so,very much,
and I do thank You for all
that You've inspired me to be,
to write and to do all thru
my life.
You're the biggest inspiration ever of all,
and You
always will be.
You make me so strong by giving me
hope each single day.
With You I am not completely alone
ever in my life,
no matter what I go thru or what
I may feel at times.
My life would be so very empty and dark just
without You.
How can I not love You, when you keep all of
my darkness away?
You feel my emptiness and refresh my
soul and spirit all the way
when I get tired and thirsty thru all
my long walks thru this dark
I am so happy that I met You at
last when I did
You'd brought me so much love and comfort
and goodness in all, and You forgave
all my sins and always You
do and will,
and in spite of all You still do and
I am reassurance that You always
will no matter what
ugly sins and transgresions I commit
against You or anyone
in this whole wide world.
You take all my bitterness away,
You complete all the puzzles of my
very existence and life.
I just believe in You 100% percent
and much more in my heart.
How can I not love you?
When You help me in all that
I am and I do,
if You've created and made me
the much wholesome person that I am today.
I just want to be more like You, and
grow better each day.
Since I was introduced in my life
to You and your sweet loving ways,
I've accepted you,You're my
Lord, my King and my Savior.
And I've gotten
to know you in my heart
so well,
all thru these very long years
of much ups and downs.
You dried all my tears away and gave me
hope, where none sometimes
was to be by me found, but
only in You.
You hear all my prayers when I come
to You.
I know that You will respond to them if that
fits in your plans.
I do know that You know everything better,
and that You will do what's is right.
You've loved me when I've felt
no love coming from anyone
around some times.
How can I not love you?
if You're the One who died for me and had
offered and given me
forgiveness and glorious eternal life,
You give peace and rest
to my soul and my
whole life.
You take all my pain away
thousand of times over
all the years.
You put on a smile on my face
all the time.
You've given me so much beauty to
see and enjoy in so many things.
You've given me all the people that I love
and hold so dear to my heart.
Your love is unconditional
and eternal,
and You love me more and better
than anyone ever can.
How can I not love You?
when You're already part of my
whole life and existence,
You just complete me!
in every each way, because
without You I wouldn't be here
and be who I know I can and
You want me to be.
Because of you I can love and
feel the way that I do.
I have a heart more full of love and
compassion and forgiveness all
because of You,
my very beautiful and sweet
How can I not love you
and worship you the way that I do
when I think of love and life
and all starts with just You,
Thank you so much,
for giving me all that you've given
I am so grateful to You,
my Sweet Almighty Father in Heaven.
How can I not love you?
If your very name signifies love,
hope and life in all
that I see and know.
You're with me now every single
step that I take,
You hold my hand and help me
rise every day.
You love me so much and loves us all,
With You I have an eternal home
one day
in Heaven and that for sure
I do know.
How can I not love You my sweet Lord then?

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000



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