'' Who They Are ''

Angels are alive,
Like us they thrive,
Guardians of the Universe and more,
Their aim? our lives to lift and revive,
To remedy, what's went before.

Selfless and true,
I hear you ask, who,
Can they really be Heaven sent?
Why would anyone want to help you?
For assistance, do we need to repent.

Those issues we fudge,
That long term grudge,
What makes them remain in our head?
Do they have the power over us to judge?
Are there places where angels won't tread.

In our time of need,
They'll do the deed,
Helping us to make that decision,
On a wing and a prayer, we then proceed,
Avoiding an almighty collision.

When all's said and done,
We all know one,
When in trouble, they are there by our side,
Our problems in life, they would never shun,
From your issues, they won't ever hide.

There when required,
They rarely get tired,
They provide us with such satisfaction,
A shoulder to cry on, does get you inspired,
They help spring our minds into action.

They are all around,
Where are they found?
Are we allowed to take them to task?
The answer my friend, will shock and astound,
The truth is, they don't wear a mask.

It's their tradition,
To shun recognition,
Believe it or not this is true,
Their main aim in life? to complete their mission,
Solutions are what they pursue.

Angels do exist,
But here is the twist,
You may find this totally bizarre,
In great numbers, they're within our midst,
It's for us to tell them,

' Who They Are '

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