'' Remain Proud, When You Reminisce ''

Life is a mission
Where every transition,
Will determine if it's dying or living,
Live by ambition,
It creates ammunition,
To defeat, what can be, unforgiving.

Have a mind of your own,
And it will be shown,
By others you refused to be bled,
Make it well known,
You are not a clone,
Be comfortable, with what's in your head.

Make learning fun,
To ensure you're the one,
Who knows how to find a solution,
Walk don't run,
Is not a pun,
Forever embrace evolution.

Make others aware,
You'll forever be there,
Whenever a problem arises,
Compassion and care,
Both come as a pair,
Problems come, in all shapes and sizes.

When you make the grade,
Let it be displayed,
That for others you will plant new shoots,
What must be conveyed,
Is don't be afraid,
Do forever be proud of your roots.

When your journeys complete,
Does it make you feel sweet,
Looking back can you say, life was bliss,
If you feel upbeat,
You're among the elite,

' Remain Proud, When You Reminisce '

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