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Name: Melissa
City: U S of A
Homepage: meloo straight from her tilt-a-world

Message: I dreamed of drewning...FYI...for a long while I was reading the books of Robert Moss who is an Englishman and a Dream Archaeologist who has literally studied dreams in all their many facets for well over 35 years. I wanted to delve into the messages I found in them. you can write a question down on a piece of paper and put it under your head...and when you lucid-dream...can get an this time in my life...I was working on just that. As an adult who dealt with great challenges growing up in the town, family, among the peers that I did...its remarkable, when I think about it that I'm still here. So I'm pretty resilient. And have asked for help when I needed it and have gone out looking for answers on my own. When someone tells you at 5yrs old that no one can stand to look at have to see the lie in that. and further, the lie behind any mistreatment, neglect. I'm not my past. But for all of us...we are a sum total...nothing can be negated, yet nothing needs to be dwelt upon except to inform. this was written long ago. the tone of my poetry has drastically changed. but through this all...I am most assuredly me. I honor the time and effort it took to develop my voice over the years in poetry and in helps me stand up straight in a world which might knock me and others down. I don't look for difficulty. I look for points of bliss. I can well appreciate them. thank you for your comments...people like you mean to be kind and thoughtful and your impressions are welcom. melissa/meloo p.s. if I didn't think so...I'd tell you otherwise

Date Received: 2022-01-31 17:50:58