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Name: Philove

Message: Hey good day, Elsie! I'm so sorry but I haven't been totally honest with you. But I have been being bothered by poet on this site And I need your advice. The poet's ID is: poet5170 as this poet has been bothering me with kindness and even welcome me to this site. I really kind of appreciate it lol... For pure kindness is rare... Nothing more or less just kindness. What should I do? Should I return that same kindness or kindly ask the poet to please don't stop bothering me with kindness? Hahaha lol I'm sorry I'm a real fool. That's just my way of saying thanks, for being...yup! Kind to me... Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Just don't tell anybody off, with kindness while getting some coffee at the Sunday cafe... If there kindly open, lol. ~Phil

Date Received: 2020-06-27 20:08:40