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Name: Terry Sasek
City: Suburbs of Detroit, Mi.
Country: USA
Homepage: Alwaysawarrior

Message: Sorry to hear that you were in the hospital, glad that it was not a heart attack or a stroke. Hope that it was simply just having to adjust your medications and you won't have anymore incidents, I haven't been on my site as much as I'd like to be, Ellie has recovered from her two separate surgeries but then she got a case of the shingles but luckily it stayed under the skin so it didn't spread and it is now almost over but it had been very painful and really made it hard for her to get much rest at night. We are hoping 2019 will be much better for every one. Merry Christmas and hope that you will have a great New Year in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date Received: 2018-12-25 18:12:35