Poetic Verses


How often we see people tend to ingratiatingly lean
In favour of those whom they hold in such high esteem
And being so obsequious will jump to their defence
If it happened that they are accused of an offence

They will wonder how such could ever happen
And may by something set up by a wicked person
One can imagine the picture they shall paint
Of the person who had reasons to lay the complainant

So this negative behaviour will just continue
And support may keep on growing with the issue
As thy may say how come a person in such as position
Would not do such to tarnish their reputation

Then there will be a mountain of pressure on the victim
Sometimes even family members may desert them
And may say why a person in such a social status
Would want to be embroiled in this fracas

Indeed they all quite clearly seem not to understand
That there should be some doubt as it is a human
And that no matter what it is quite possible
That no matter what one is human and fallible

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