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Wow Ethics

This action is so very painful to observe
A pattern that is in someway supported at it emerge
That one can be in for a shock if at any moment
If they take some people's word, at any instant

One great example is to just listen to a politician
Who would make such a believable promise in the morning
But one can say they by the time the sun has set
When confronted will say that being so busy he forgot

Now what is happening often before your eyes
How people are quite willing to tell such lies
Therefore one can hear those rattles and the demise
Of morality, enough to make the blood pressure rise

We often see law makers disagree on ideology
But are Willing to lend support for the good of country
Now we see that selfishness, egotism and even folly
Has cause some to renege after supporting a policy

What could be responsible for such a behaviour
Is it because there is that love and lust for power
Even if they are easily and may go to such an extent
To be insulted, scorned, and that accept the role of a sycophant

So let us face what is quite and uncomfortable truth
What examples are being set to be followed by the the youth
Because it can be seen the thing that is dying in this era
Is ethics, this is slowing being omitted from the agenda

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