Poetic Verses


It takes one with a special heart to be a sycophant
Agreeing wholeheartedly, showing no signs of dissent
Looking like such a gigantic pile of kiss up
Seemingly from the shameless cup took a deep sup

Maybe in that mind thought it to be very wise
Believing that such a path,is the way to the prize
And to everything around feelings have gone cold
Therefore in this process have lost or sold that soul

So there it would not take not degree of time
To see that grave degradation of that thing called spine
And so those observing would see since of such they lack
Then to the one they adore become a willing doormat

Now being one now clearly seen to lost all pride
And those around no type of admiration will reside
Then the one from whom they try to obtain a favor
Treat them with disdain, no matter the day or the hour

There is no doubt we all are driven by ambition
But grovelling should not be a factor in this mission
So being slammed, belittled in not a form of progression
This just make other see you as one of rejection

So to those who think that it is good to be obsequious
This is not a situation that should be joyous
It is quite clear to others the depths to which you have fallen
Clearly you are not setting a good example to the youth of the nation.

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