Poems of Lighthouse Bob

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W E L C O M E ...

Isn't GOD Wonderful? My hope and prayer is that you will read the above poems and find courage, inspiration, and an increase in your faith. I also hope and pray that you will take these poems that GOD has given to me and that you will bless someone else along your way.

GOD bless you and thank you for visiting.

-Lighthouse Bob

Thank you Mark for your wonderful dedication.

Beacon Of Light

In the
midst of
growing waves
of anger in the seas
of life, you will find a
light beaming through
your clouds of dispair ;
guiding the lost and the
lonely souls of ships to a
\ \ haven of safe harbor when / /
the trials and mysteries of life seem to
be at their worst. Search out this light
and you shall find the peace
that is offered to us all freely
through "his" grace and the
love that is held out to all of
us without hesitation. Judge
not the reason of "his" love as
it is offered without reservation
to all who seek it. All you need
do is to accept the love as the gift
it is and live in "his" light with no
reservation. The light offered from
"his" tower can search out any lost
soul through the darkest of seas and
guide them safely to the warmth that
we all seek. Many men and women are
chosen to shine their light and to guide
those of us that need a little nudge now
and then and they too once were just as
lost as us. I know this as I have read the
works of one of those shining beacons here
in the pages of Passions and I have learned
much from him. This little freeverse is for me
to publicly acknowledge this man and to thank
him for all he does so wonderfully. He may not
always be direct in his words but they never fall
end to the silence of deaf ears and I thank him for
him and his way of lighting the way to the peaceful
knowledge that all we must do is accept this beacon
just as he has. Lighthouse Bob I thank you and may
you always find the blessings of God at your side daily.

Mark Bohannan