Jehovah's Awe-Inspiring Works

My Praise, Honor, and Loyalty,

is to the most Awe-Inspiring person of all.

The one creating heaven and earth,  

the celestial lights, and planets,

that will never fall.                                                         (Gen 1:1-31 & Gen 2:1-4)

Can our minds wrap itself around the understanding,

 of the heavenly bodies that are evident to see.

The sun, stars, moon and planets;                

 let alone the heavens and many galaxies.      (Gen 1:14-18)

Haven't mentioned the universe

 which is the inclusion of all that exists.

Jehovah brilliantly, strategically,

placed His Awe-Inspiring works of creation,

within our visual midst.

Think of a solar eclipse.

A spectacular image you dare not miss.

So breathtaking and speechless that you're left with a lisp.

Such an image to witness, I can truly attest.

Almighty God Jehovah,

 always exceeds the unprecedented best.

How dare the world rob him of recognition;      

Of his great creation feats;

To mother nature, phenomenons, evolution

 such a degrading condescending cheat.                 (Gen 1:1-31)

Jehovah engulfs Nature. He sets the pace.

It's only Jehovah with the calculations and answers

Jehovah sustains life, keeping perfect processes in place.

Evolution is an insult to our Sovereignty's hand.

Evolution with no thought processes, just BOOM BOOM BAM!                

    (Gen 1:34-25)

Humans have been created given the highest level of intellect, here on earth;

Should be in reasoning too.                              (Gen 1:26-28)

If evolution is reasonable in your thinking

Just know, Without Jehovah, all life would be through.

Stop it, stop it, stop it.

This is truly enough.

Our loving God Jehovah deserves better;

For he is the one to trust.

Remember this thought,

 it's most certainly true;

Man can't direct his step as the Bible States.   (Jer.10:23)

So creation is nothing he surely can do.

Though many reject God.

Jehovah allows all the opportunity to attain the promised everlasting life.               (1John 2:25)

He continues to love and give chances,

instead of condemnation, and ongoing hatred and strife.           (1John 4:16)

Jehovah is deserving of all Praise, Loyalty,          

Honor and Recognition you see,

Yes, our Sovereign God Jehovah,

 is deserving of the superlative degree.

(Rev 4:11)

For yourself you must think and see the facts.

 I hope that you do.

If it weren't for Our Loving and Powerful

God Jehovah and Jesus Christ,

  there would be no life, earth nor me or you.

By Berine

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