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Shawn Adams These poems are all inspired by and dedicated to the greatest love I have ever known. She is someone that I will forever cherish, because she changed my life forever. The experiences we shared, the companionship, the laughter, all the firsts together, and the passion, every day an absolute blessing. She was my everything, and I long for the days when we were both happy. Never will my life be the same, and I am grateful for each and every single moment spent with her.

Unfortunately, these thoughts are the product of heartache, pain, fear, or insecurity. When tragedy strikes, my thoughts can go dark, and I really have no one to talk to. Getting it out via poetry helps, and the thoughts subside for a while. Ongoing pain will result in regular updates, happy life will likely be void of them. I don't know why, I seem to only write poetry when sadness invades. Anyway, thanks for reading.

Carmen, if you ever read this, or the poems within; just know that even these words cannot express what is truly felt for you in my heart. I will love you always & forever.

Please don't forget me, or the love that we once shared.
With all the love that I could possibly give,
-Shawn A.-

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