Bora born

The four d's of evil _

The deception grafted on the back of a
spell ritualised in grassed sigil magic.
The call out this time allowed when a heart breaks and
the mother rests with the divine, the silver
cord broken, her daughter left to bathe in pure
evil once water's healing power subsides.

The division works through her siblings who sense
up to withdraw where normalcy would support.
To leave her to ruminate with those circle
of spinsters with strange titles cocooned in an
incestuous ritual trend devoid of life
such is the broad path for those who choose me first.

The diversion flip sides as he re-enters
ground zero to sense the diabolical.
They tell him who they really are, her friend with
the hand shake of a corpse, a barren business
woman, her ethics storied up in real time
body language hardened repulsed by men.

Discouragement revitalizes the theme
of I'm alright jack as boundaries resurface.
BPD never far removed supplants the
cries of her child within, smothered, her chance lost
in rituals mirrored to their source, death Ť come
for spirit when words be spoke, I know you not.

- O -

© 22nd june 2022 _ Ioan James Daniel

Author's notes and media are here.

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The four d`s of evil _

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