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 From the Heart Through the Pen


“I haven’t seen you in ages”


I want to do you justice

Your beauty’s so poetic

I admit I still get nervous

Even when it’s just us

Finally getting the courage

To ask you for this dance

It’s no mystery

I know you miss me too

I told you I’d bet my heart on you

So music speak to me

Be it acoustic, acapella or instrumental

Tell me the tales of your beauty so natural

So transcendental

Love, I truly haven’t seen you for years

Till you pulled me in through your eyes

I finally witnessed in slo motion

Diamonds igniting pearls

Mesmerized and forever 
Embedded in my memories

Embedded in these lines
In my heart as it writes

14 and counting

Is your attention posting fees, love

The way your jewels, your lips, your touch

Excite yet subdue me

I’m forever satisfied 

The difference between you and them

They’re ideas, what could be, abstract 

You’re rare cause you’re real…concrete

The way you break through, Rose

Leaves them all like you do me

Unable to speak

Oh the Damage We’d Do

And we’re so far from our peak

Authentic, intelligent, driven, lovely, beautiful

Sassy, witty, humble, simply incredible

My love is no match for your loyalty tho

Finally someone on my same level
Just my type


All…I See…Is You


¥☼MOI☼¥  16 Apr 24


Your gems radiate with joy

Now I yield to you

I just wanted to pull you to me

So you would let me love you 

Flaws and all 

In all the ways you want me to

Cause now
All I See is You
I'm falling freely 
From undisclosed heights

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