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Cast the first Stone

When they brought in the woman it was an actual fact
She was an adulteress, even caught in the act
The accusers said to Jesus, what do you say
She would be stoned to death in Moses day
Oh how quickly we rush to judge
Then condemn and hold a grudge
Quick to point out another persons wrong
While we are sinning all along
Look at Jesus, stooped and writing on the ground
As if He had not heard a single sound
I can see there faces before they hung there heads
So deeply soul stirring are the words He said
Let him without sin who is among you cast the first stone
When the woman opened her eyes she saw Jesus alone
Where are your accusers, has no man condemn thee
No my Lord, she answered humbly
And a sigh of relief as Jesus replies
Gently and forgivingly saying then neither do I
Then He said go and sin no more
Now she has something better to live for
This is a lesson we all should learn
Don't rush to the judgment seat you will have your turn
We all have sinned and fallen short some how
The question is what do we do now
Lord help me drop my stones or better yet
Use them to build an alter for the sins you forget
Let me stand before you and you alone
The only one worthy to cast the first stone
Let me forgive as I have been forgiven time an again
Because of your grace and mercy we are not condemned
~Jackie Moore~
John 8: 1-11

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Cast the first Stone