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††††††††† My name is Jackie Moore, I am a father of 16 children and 25 grandchildren. I started writing poetry in 1987 at the age of 17†as a way to express feelings too hard for me to express verbally. In 1987 my oldest brother died in a car accident, 6 months later my mother died from a lung disease. Over the next 10 years death would take 8 more loved one very close to me, all†while learning to be†the father†I never had.†††Poetry became my that voice in my head that spoke comfort and common sense to me as I struggled to grow up without parents or grandparents. I was born and raised†in Riverside, California although we moved around a lot as my mother struggled to raise 7 children alone. Poetry was to her what it is to me. Some poets say they love to write, as for me I need to write, it's Gods way of teaching me and talking to me. I welcome you to my site and I pray that God will speak to you as well.

††† Thanks for your time