In the dark
After the sun sets
He only thinks
Of what he can get
From me
Before reality
Sets in
And we are more
Than friends.

In the moon
He says he loves me
Real soon
While I wear the dresses
With the legs that he caresses
Until he showed me
Pictures of his wife
Then I realized
I am wrecking her life.

In the day I am his
Dirty little secret
Where he would throw a fit
If I sent him a gift
There I do not lift
His soul to greater heights
So I gave up the fight
After 16 years of trying
Through two wives I was crying.

In the time
We have before us
Years of trust
Have came to rust
Like an old tractor
Too many years
In the rain
While he looks out his mansion's
Window with me on his brain.

7/17/2010 1250 cj

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