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Greetings earthlings and "Let er Buck" time is here in Pendleton, Oregon USA. My news is that my doggies are still doing great and I am doing fair. I wish you enjoy my poetry, comment on it and vote for it. I won an Editor's choice award from the International Poets society for my poem "heartunes" in May, 2006, and my poem was placed on a CD set to music along with 32 other poets. That was wonderful, since it is the poem I name my site (and maybe someday a book of poems) after. On this early morning, I wish you Love Peace and happiness as always, Poet cj 4/1/2005

Good Spring to you all. I am currently looking forward to planting flowers, and possibly raising boxer puppies. It's still cow town here in Pendleton, Oregon, USA. I am still working as a nurse and dreaming of being a paid poet. However, if I am not paid for my poetry at least I can express myself in written word. It is a healing part of my life and if I heal anything in you, let it be. poet cj 5/1/2005

Greetings and have a lovely Spring from your poet cj. I am raising boxer puppies now. My dog, Mikkayla, had 6 puppies on 4/15/2005. She gave birth to 3 brindles and 3 reds, wherein 3 were females and 3 were males. Their tails are healed now from docking them and all their eyes are open. Further, they want to leave the nest for short periods and they are starting to bark. I also need to say the dad, Sully Sampson, seems to be proud of his family as he tries to help clean the pups for Mikkayla. It is beautiful here in the West today and I wish you beauty wherever you may be. Take Care, cj

8/13/2014 1525 cj
Hello, thank you all for reading my poetry.  I am working on getting to a million reads, and my Tweeter peeps seem to get the poetry out for me the most of anyone.  I really appreciate any poetry being blogged as the world of poetry seem to be a dying cause like a disease of eccentrics that the only cure for is to keep writing the thoughts that flow in the wheels as circles in this convoluted mind. I recently found out that it is only my back that severe degenerative joint disease, but my whole body.  I have a 1/2 inch bone from the arthritis in my right shoulder floating freely around that I have to get operated on.  Moreover, I have a hiatal hernia, which I just found out about.  In May, I got a big cancer scare as the radioligist found "microcalcifications on my right breast.  Finally, you know I suffer from depression secondary to losing my SUPERWOMAN BODY at 44, when the last 300 patient collapsed with all their weight on me.  I am sorry to be physically and mentally disabled, but God ain't through with me yet, so you're stuck with me pain and all.  Remember, I am 58 going on 19...it's something I never want to forget, myself.  I'm on the last leg of trying to get Social Security Disability.  I only paidinto the program from 14 to 57, so it is not entitlement to me, know that I need help.  I have been homeless, since 6/2013, and from my poems, you can read about that.  I thank God for my brother Richard Anderson taking me in; as well as, my two boxer dogs as I am in this horrible time of insercurity.  Please, if you believe in a higher power, pray for me to win this SSD case, so I have money to live a simple life on again.  It is not asking much I feel for me to ask the government for this help, when I was a nurse for 30 years helping others.  I have always been a mother=the oldest of 5 kids, a bunch of kids of my own, grandkids, young peeps I love, animals, patients; so, it is difficult to have no one to care for.  I wish I care for you in someway in the truths of my life, I write about in poetry.  Thanks for everything.  I love you all.  poet cj

May 14, 2015 0015

Anyway, I forgot, I went to a hearing for disability on 4/24/15 and my lawyer thinks I won, since there's no work
that can be transferred to light duty work from being a Licensed Practical Nurse for 30 years.  Yippie.  Awaiting
the Judge to respond, so I know it's real.  I could have a little life again.  I miss my dogs, my kids, my grandkids,
and home.  Seattle puts up with me...Pendleton Oregon knows me.  Love ya all.  Thanks if you prayed for me.
I appreciate it.  Blessings.

5/14/2015 0026 PST cj

Thanks for voting for the poem I wrote my son, Josh (Joshua), on his birthday 2/7/2015.  It was so nice to be voted for.

I am 9 weeks today post the total right shoulder replacement I had on my 59th Birthday!  I can type again.  I can lift my right arm
only about 70 degrees high in all directions, which seems bad, but it isn't according to my surgeon and physical therapist.
They say it will take a year to 1 & 1/2 years for my arm to feel like my own again.  I attempt to play my guitar, but I have to sit in
the classical guitar position to do it even average of what I used to do...it's okay...I will get better.  Happy Spring.  Love ya.