People tend to hurt you
Then the tears start flowing
To them you want to be true
Before you know they're going

Going going gone
You only want hold hands
Maybe turn their spirit on
By what a nurse-life demands

I have seen so many die
Two hundred fifty and more
I was there by and by
While as angels they did soar

To a place
Beyond this hell hole
To a space
That could be whole

If you are alone
I want to fill
With home-sweet-home
It is my will

Too long a nurse
Too loving a heart
It is a curse
To be so emotionally smart

It uses up my blood
Then I need a transfusion
Weak as crud
It's my delusion

That I can save a single soul
That in this poetry there's a healing
As the typing across my fingers roll
Out with what I'm feeling

Nobody cares
Poetry is puke
Here in your underwear
It's time to nuke

The love I have inside
Do not think it's anything good
Stay alone and hide
As poets will be misunderstood.

2/27/2012 0040PDT cj

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