Like a tornado
Wild and swirling
Tearing off the roofs of buildings
Like tearing off your inhibitions
Seeing into your soul
Where thought becomes nil
Into rooms where you feel
Like you're open to the sky
People look in
As you dance, my friend
Where you can look back
But all you see are the colors moving by
As the wings of the tornado in you
Beat to a hand drum
Like a stoic storm
Moving without thought
You go to the power
Of dance doing
As you remove the walls
Closed off for years in seconds
With your bandit eyes
With your classic hands
With your shoulder shimmies
With your rib rolls
With your belly's dance
With your hip lifts
Bending knees slightly
As to not cave in
There's a tornado in Alabama today
As in my belly dancer friends.

3/2/2012 1200 cj


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