As the next decades pass and two more go by
A great grandmother could be said I
As I wake up in a daze
Thinking of younger days
That will go by
For my children's children's children
As they will go on
And I will die.

Not afraid
They carry me
Into a mystic soup of eternity
With some of my genes there in them
I go on and on
It is their Spring
It is my September
They will remember.

The gifts
All the hugs and kisses
From a funny lady with long  hair
Who prayed for their comfort
Longed for their laughter
It's such a good world
When they will come after
They are my children's children's children.

I will love them...alive or even after I'm  dead
As I try to awaken
From this daytime bed
Where sleep was all day
And life was all night
Even when people say it's just not right
Like this coffee I will drink down
In the mystic soup of DNA my children's children's children will be found.

4/14/2012 0543 cj

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