There's a Prince lonely
Sitting somewhere
Walking somewhere
Working somewhere

There's a Prince thinking
There in a chair
There in a town
Getting so down
Under his gold crown

There's a Prince writing
Locked into his pen
Locked into his sin
Locked into what's lost
Paying the cost

There's a Prince that's giving
Hope from the North
Love from the South
Faith from his mouth
He can be difficult
Life's the fault

God's the blessing
So I am going away
Going away
Going away
To give back to that Prince
Be his defense
In mind I will stay

Oh yes I will
Oh yes I can
Oh yes there's hope
In a far off land
That he will read
Maybe see
That life's not over
And death is to be


With the Lord
With the light
With the person who's soul takes flight
Fly O Prince Fly for your kids
Don't stay in the dark where you are hid
Go into the light
Where the mercy of God
Holds you tight
Removes the crown
She took away leaving Windsor town.

4/20/2012 1547 cj

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