Reminded me of
A real doctor
Worked with before
That I have much
Pride to not have been
A pain-in-the buttocks
Kind of nurse
Irritating the moment
When moments are
Quick with never
Enough of them
As a doctor
As a doctor lives.
Here's your
Get-out-of-hell-free card
Dr. House
The shows over
Never your character
Hell of acting a part gone
Wish you made
Millions having to
Talk the wrong way
For an Englishman
Serving the Queen
Of less-frustrating
Lower-level nurses
Down yonder in
The county
Of the round-up
At the Oregon Trail
Where someones
Brilliant in real life
With the bedside
Manner of
Raw truth
Leaving the TLC to me
A left-over nurse
Mind blown
There's no more you
As longing for
Box sets
To watch the
Rest of my life
Over and over
Will be the lover
That meets me
Laying in a
Nursing home bed
On T.V.
A big giant one
With loud sound for House M.D.
When you only want to know
Dr. House just died
We will miss you
We all must go.
You fooled
Me again
Right at end
Walking out alive
And well
Dead only on paper
Do tell!
Wilson and you
To have a good time
I'll rhyme
Thinking of you
While the songs
Play long
Loyal, true
To an arrogant doctor
Who turned the whole world on.

5/21/2012 2202 cj

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