Today I might be a walking
With my cane
But I remember yesterday with a five year old
'Cuz I got a brain

Down there somewhere amongst the bullsh*t
I know a place I fit
Just right
With a five year old
Who turns this muddy heart into
A heart of gold

We don't have to anything perfect
Just eat and and drink, breathe and play
Oh God and when my grandkids come my way
When their parents are not afraid to share
Their kids with me
It's just a little taste of heaven I get to see

A taste of heaven
So I will know
What it's gonna be like
When I go
Down in the dirt then up in the sky
I'll be singing praises for the small ones by and by

The ones who call me grandma
The ones who ask me to see
The ones who have my heart of hearts
Are the ones who set this old girl free

The ones who like to swing
Then ones who'll sing a song
The ones who think the big blue truck
Is hard to climb upon

And ride
Their love doesn't hide
And I know it never will
That's why my grandkids are the love
That's a verb called feel.

5/Thursday?/2012 1830 cj

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