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A  False  God  And  His  Idiot  Czars - Round Two

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I had heard great things about this new guy in town
He promised everyone everything they had ever wanted
Don't worry about how we will we pay for the things

This voice kept telling us we can do it, oh yes we can
The people were hurting so badly they wanted to believe
This voice said if you really want change, vote for me

And they believed and they showed up in the thousands to vote
They were happy and overjoyed that he had won the election
But now he can't get anything changed as he had promised them

And they have begun to see the errors that they had made
And though they worshipped him like he really was a God
Our lord God said to the masses that this was a false one

He preached to all that he could get whatever you wanted
But he's shown that he's one of the false ones God spoke of
Yet so many chose to vote for this false and misleading one

Now everyone is suffering because of his false promises
And decisions made by these idiot Czars he's put in charge
I want to say I told you so, but I won't stoop that low

Terry Sasek - all rights reserved.

Dear God in heaven please have mercy on these idiot fools
for they know not what they are doing, or did they? Maybe
they've known exactly what they were doing ever since the
beginning. Could it be true that this was their plan all
along? God help us!

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A False God And His Idiot Czars - Round Two