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Can You See Things Clearly In Your Life

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Can you see things clearly in your life?
Or are you just like so many others now
Totally blinded by the pied pipers tune

No matter the way that you were raised
Do you now forsaken your own beliefs
And follow blindly the pied pipers tune

Everyone has seen the ruin he has brought
Their own family and friends are suffering
Yet when he plays his tune they all dance

Following so blindly the pied piper's tune
Like the rats that were led down to the sea
His tune will lead you to your personal doom  

Some have said he is our nation's only savior
That if we blindly dance to his hypnotic tune
We will become greater than we have ever been

But I'm inclined to recall yet another leader
He played his fiddle as his nation was burning
Our pied piper's the same as he plays his tune

Nero fiddles while Rome burns

Terry Sasek - all rights reserved.

May I suggest that you wear some very good ear plugs during those
weeks leading up to our 2014 Senate & Congressional election races
next November so you won't be forced into following that hypnotic
tune played by the current leader of the Whitehouse that will most
certainly lead all who hear it here in America to your own doom.

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Can You See Things Clearly In Your Life