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The years roll past to my wandering mind,
Returning me to a forgotten place and time.
A time when I knew not what I would find,
Whether dark oblivion or paradise sublime.

In that distant land I barely recall,
My future seemed bright, my youth eternal.
Now I realize my accomplishments were small,
What truths I gleaned a meager kernal.

The bright future I envisioned has faded to dusk,
My strength begins to ebb just when I need it most.
Alas!  When the kernals are gone, what's left is husk,
And dreams of the future are now phantoms and ghosts.

Ah, time is a cruel mistress, seducing away
All that we hold dear, like a thief in the night.
Leaving us at last in the cold light of day,
Reliving memories, and failing in sight.

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