Turn the Page

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Most of the poems listed on this site will be available to purchase through Publish America, in a volume titled "Turn the Page". The manuscript has now been printed. Retail cost is $9.95, and the volume contains all of the poems originally listed on this site. It may be ordered online, through Publish America.com, or through Barnes and Nobles. Most of my time is dedicated to the 2 novel length fantasies I am writing. They can be viewed at storypen.com/bladesong, along with various other writings. I will be checking this site periodically, and will reply to any and all feedback as soon as I see it. I am nearly finished with my 2nd series of poems, with a working title of Turn the Page Once More.  I am considering a 3rd and final series to be called Turn the Last Page.  Best wishes to all.....Bladesong