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Cain was the first to spill human blood on the ground
You would expect a vengeful God to strike him down
But listen to the conversation between God and Cain
With his sin exposed bringing guilt and shame
God pronounced His judgment which didn’t seem fair
Cain says “my punishment is more than I can bear”
Fair to us would have been a life for a life
So God had already come down little light
But like an angry parent, His compassion in tact
A merciful God performs a merciful act
Not only did Cain get to keep his life
But was able to have children and a wife
He was even the father of Enoch
Who the bible says” walked with God and was not”
He was so righteous in the Lords eye
That he was one of two people in the bible that didn’t die
Since God is the same yesterday, today and evermore
What in the world am I waiting for?
Merciful Father I come humbly and ashamed
Seeking your forgiveness in Jesus name
I’ve done so much wrong in my short life time
Sin after sin with no rhythm or rhyme
I lay my burdens down at you graceful throne
Believing that your mercy wasn’t for Cain alone
But that I too have a place in your heart
And you merciful Father will grant me a new start
Washed by The blood, clean as snow
Filled with the Spirit ready to go.
Genesis 4
J. Moore

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Merciful Father