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Do you want to change to world, want to make it better

Than follow the direction Timothy gave in his letter

Consider all the world leaders and those in authority over you

Whether you agree or not with the thing they say and do

Pray making supplication; which means to be precise in your request

Ask God to help them make decision that will represent His best

Pray to the God of heaven, seek His will in all things

Gather all your cares and burdens, then to the alter bring

Pray making intercession; which means to pray on their behalf

Ask God to show things in their heart they may not know they have

Pray offering up thanksgiving; which says that it’s already done

God has answered every single prayer down to the smallest one

Pray for your kings, for your queens, for your politicians

Asking God to intercede on all of the their decisions

Realize that they are men and women, flesh just like you and me

Not one of them are perfect, there is no way they could be

Timothy exhorts the saints of God to pray for all man

Because this is acceptable in Gods sight, this is His plan

Why should we pray for our leaders? Here are three reasons

Number one is so that all Gods people may live in a peaceful season

Number two is that it pleases God, it is pleasing to His ears and eyes

He is faithful to come and rescue us, He in attentive to His peoples cries

Number three may be the most important, this one may just stand alone

As citizens of the Kingdom of God we know this earth is not our home

Our prayers are to bring to the world a gracious Gods salvation

To bring awareness of His saving grace to every single nation

The ultimate goal is not to save the earth which is just dirt and clay

Which has already been ordained by God to soon pass away

The ultimate goal is to save the world which is the lost sheep

To returned them to the loving Shepherd to be His to keep


1 Timothy 2:1-5

J. Moore

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