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It's a world of pills, powders, liquids, gases, creams, and surgeries
It's a world of "doping" where we don't forgive someone for doing their best
By doing that, then lying
Who cares?
Not me
Lance Armstrong is still a hero to me
And the world can kiss my flat bicyclists backside
If they don't agree
People do what they feel they have to do to perform
Day in and day out they ride
They ride so much
They lose a part of themselves to their passion
Have mercy on that
As the flesh is weak
The mind is weaker
We are all seekers
Of being the best
In our minds
Where we find
We need an edge
To go the distance
Face the resistance
Of growing older
And having to lie
In order to fly and fly and fly
Have mercy
Mercy will return to you threefold
At least, that's what I'm told.


2/4/2012 1430 cj

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