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Celestial Angels Pictures, Images and Photos
blue angel Pictures, Images and Photos
Yes, Celestial Angels are
all around us

If we listen to angelic signs
from up above,

We will be guided safely along
our earthly way

With God's Hands mastering
all paths of love...

Purple Butterfly on Rose Pictures, Images and Photos

If any person you ever met
has never failed you

No matter what the tide
stayed at your side,

Smiling always bringing joy
to your very soul

It's a Guardian Angel guiding
from deep inside...

Purple Butterfly on Rose Pictures, Images and Photos

If watching a colorful sun set
high in the sky

With magnificent hues painted
 above the shore,

Gives you contentment of
true peace and trust
It's an Angel of Love
filling your heart evermore...

Purple Butterfly on Rose Pictures, Images and Photos
If you have heard a song
that moves your mind  
Making you happy forgetting
 all anger or pain,

Setting you free from doubt
to feel worthy inside

It's an Angel of Hope
with golden harps to reign...

Purple Butterfly on Rose Pictures, Images and Photos
Yes, Heavenly Creatures
surround us everyday

We must listen to hear
and find their way,

In helping us to see when
we've lost sight

To guide us as we go along life
in God's pathway...

Purple Butterfly on Rose Pictures, Images and Photos
`Butterflies`, `Lavender Hearts & Roses`, `Sparkling Jewels`
 All Wrapped In A `Bouquet Of Love`

Dear Heavenly Father, I Thank You
For Abundantly Blessing Me
With Special Loved Ones And Friends
Throughout My Lifetime,
Thank You For Being So Gracious To Me
In Taking Care Of My Every Need.
I Come To You In Prayer Asking You
To Bless All Who Are In Pain  
I Send Up This Prayer To You
Our Heavenly Father
Please Comfort All Who Are In Physical Pain
And Sufferings Of Sorrow
According To Thy Will,
Please Let Them Feel Your Presence.
By Instilling In Their Hearts
That They Are Never Ever Really Alone.
I Have Complete Faith And Trust In You Dear Jesus,
Please Descend Down Your Holy Healing Spirit
Upon All Who Are In Need Of Healing,
Both Physically and Spiritually
In Letting Them Know
How Very Much You Love
And Care For All Souls.
Thank~You Sweet Jesus,
In Your Holy name I Pray!


CopyRights Reserved*2008*~

***2013*28th of February*' Revised Excerpts '....
~*Never Ending Circle Of Love Manuscripts' *~

`I am but a star in the heavens above
guiding over you in God's eternal love
I once was a soul like you on earth now
a heavenly star in  miracle of rebirth!


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