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I trusted you with all four corners of my heart
You made me feel so special right from the start
Your eyes are so beautiful, words that touched my soul
You kissed my hand at which point, my heart you stole
Our eyes met across the dance floor
You looked ‘serene’ dressed in white
You looked so angelic
Like an angel in mid-flight
Your lyrics caressed me
You opened my mind
We soon enjoyed movies, dinner, cocktails, and wine
You told me all the things that I wanted to hear
A script holder… a lyricist… we had plans for the year
You talked about marriage, children… ‘the one’
But just a few months later.. where have you gone?
Text messages go unanswered
You don’t call for days
You say you’re working long hours … nights turn into days
You call a number in your mobile a couple of times a day
Which just appeared in your phone list with no identity
You no longer appear to notice me, the respect has gone.
Your behaviour has changed
Where have you gone?
You no longer call me beautiful, or notice my eyes
You are clearly distracted, which is filling my head with why’s
Where did it go wrong?
Did I not see this from the start?
Am I mug, for letting you play with my heart?
What do I do now, do I let you go?
When my feelings have developed and I love you so
I know I deserve more.. too be valued in every way
But this gapping hole in my heart misses you more each day
Where is my serene angel who I met at the start
The one I trusted with all four corners of my heart
The script you were holding has dropped to the floor
& the lyrics you are using are not working anymore
Did you lie to me and deceive me from the very start?
With the sole purpose of abusing my heart
It’s hard to accept that this is the end of the tale
One which started with so much potential
Has just crashed, burnt & failed
How can I compete with so many unknowns
Once filling my life and now leaving me alone
Left with questions, confusion, and why’s
Rewinding and replaying different scenarios in my mind
Reflecting on what if I had reacted before
Would my heart still feel like its dragging on the floor
My heart feels heavy, my mind is numb
A blanket of darkness has shut out the sun
Where has my serene angel gone, who I met at the start
The one I trusted with all four corners of my heart?

Written by Wendy Roberts 05-10-2014
© WendyRoberts - all rights reserved.


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