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Storm Gods

Skeins of darkness woven and twisted,
A crazed kaleidoscope of colors misted.
Blinding flashes split the night dark skies,
Howling winds shriek fury as debris flies.

A staccato beat of hail like a frozen lash,
A discordant wail of sirens herald the clash.
The storm gods rise once more to plunder and ravage,
Their ways are brutal and their hearts are savage.

Their coarse laughter rolls and booms like thunder,
Lightning swift their axes split forest giant asunder.
Mortal eyes scarce glimpse a fraction of their rage,
Wise men claim the gods are dead, considering themselves sage.

What fools mortals be, rejecting age old truth for theory,
Stumbling through life with vision cloaked and bleary.
The storm gods shake and roar with monstrous laughter,
Wreaking havoc both now, and in the world after.

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Storm Gods