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Years flowed past in an endless stream,
While I sought in vain the elusive dream.
A woman who could love the man I am;
Someone who cared or gave a damn.

Time swept away my youth in gentle waves,
While my heart held only hollow caves.
The yearning grew into a burning flame,
As my mind writhed in endless shame.

Alone and unloved seemed my lot in life,
Never to have a lover, never a wife.
Oh, there were chances for a cheap thrill,
Yet the alarm in my mind rang clear and shrill.

I wanted someone to love and be loved in turn,
Not just a raging fire, but a steady burn.
Archaic and outmoded this much I knew,
Yet to my standards and morals I would be true.

A true anachronism, born out of my time,
A poet still seeking lyrical rhyme.
At last I met the woman of my dreams,
I thought my quest ended, strange as that seems.

Fool that I was, to believe my love returned,
She took all I could give, yet my love she spurned.
With her I shared my secrets and dreams;
She shredded and tore them in scarlet streams.

Too late I realized her love was of self alone,
Her heart shriveled like an ancient crone.
A wife I had, yet no loving spouse she!
Her goal to torture and humiliate me.

Unloved and alone seemed my lot in life,
Yet better off so, than with vicious wife.
My youth long spent, my visions dust;
Farewell to passion, goodbye to lust.

Then came she who stirred embers to flame,
Who brought a thrill with the sound of her name.
True love at last, just when all hope faded;
A breath of life when all seemed jaded.

Now love lights my path when all seems dark,
And leaps to flame when her smile sends a spark.
Though trials and troubles may throng ever about,
For love's sake I'll stand, and raise a victory shout!

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