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River Child

Born in a time much like the time today
Death is on the hunt, and children are the prey
The baby of a mother who lived by faith
Soon to learn how much it would take
The same river that carried other sons to the grave
Would carry him to his destiny to save
The river child became the greatest leader ever known
He delivered the call of freedom from Throne to throne
From that river to a burning bush to pharaohs own home
What was in her mind, what did she see
Was it the same thing my own mother saw in me
Was that still small voice telling her to proceed
That her faith would assure her child’s every need
Where would I be or be able to do
If momma didn’t believe God’s word to be true
The example of this river child speaks this to me
We all know what a frightening world this can be
Death is still lurking, seeking to devour
Raining filth down on our children every single hour
That same river is raging, roaring aloud
Enticing our children then dragging them down
Upon that river in a basket of grace
By faith the river child had been placed
The same power that lead him safely the whole way
Is the same power available to mothers today
God has not changed, His power not diminished
His word will continue until the work is finished
Train up a child in the Way he should go
Then place them on the river and know that you know
This child is not mine, this child is on loan
The true Father is on high and still sits on His Throne
He knows the plans He has for them all
And His reach goes too far to let them fall
Walk in faith not in fear, pray and believe
Like the river child’s mother as she watched him leave
Where would I be or be able to do
If momma didn’t believe God’s word to be true

J. Moore

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River Child