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Very Loaded  Poem®

(for us coke lovers)
if you like pepsi better than coke-then your tastebuds are a real joke....
i want my money back-if the flame broiled whopper-
don't beat the big mac....
(and for pepsi lovers)
it's pepsi we'd rather be drinkin-you gotta like our thinkin....
Slogans That Rhyme©
Copyright ©2010~S@L

Myyyyy kybord hsa gon alllll faaaaaaanatic
itt mkesa meeeeee tyyyyype os errrrratic
(only funning at modern technology-gotta love it-Ha)
 photo 1tongueJack_zpsp065ocgz.gif
Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah
Made Ya Look+Stop And Read!
fun ha ha with keys©
Copyright ©2010~S@L~


green eggs and hamlet©

To be free or not to be free,
that is the question presented to me.
This harried life it can smother,
man against one another.
Would i,could i end this troubled life,
could i,should i use that knife?
Could jump in front of that bus out there,
wherefore art thou does anybody care?
Shall i jump from a plane,
or stand in the speeding path of a train?
Should i take that leap,
could i put this fed up soul to sleep?
This world has got a real dose of poison,
with hate and greed so deadly
hark what a sin.
To shuffle off this mortal boil,
oh why hast thou brought such turmoil?
Perhaps the world doth fight too much,
in the midst of angst and such.
To dream whilst i sleep
i shall not be afraid,
for in my dreams the hate shall fade.
It shall not stop should i be dead,
thou must dream it away instead!
Me thinks the lady
often doth jest enuff,
one has to with
all the hate and stuff!
 photo 1greenEggsAndHam2do_zpsc6sloggy.jpg

 photo 1greenEggsAndHam2_zpshdgu7nkd.jpg

 photo 1greenEggsAndHam_zpsy0x5xxcj.jpg
lead the greed away i say©

Size shouldn't matter when having heart
but too many times evil plays a big part,
i know deep down
there is good in the world
or i too would stay asleep
in a ball all curled.
Let your hunger be fed
by love instead,
don't let the greed
be on what you feed!

meanwhile on the beach-
It's sunny w/a chance
of cheese balls today
wake up little buddy let's make a souffle,
sweet dreams are made of cheese
what is it with you why must you tease?
If you'd wake up you'd get a surprise
so much cheese right before your eyes,
i too am hungry but i must be sly
a little mouse like him is often shy.

Wish i could swim,
my dinner is outta reach!
Till he wakes up from his sleep
i'll just sit here not making a peep,
then make him think i'm his friend
and i'll eat him in the end.
The moral of the story would be
there's always something out to get thee,
you simply must know when to be aware
of what might try to
eat you alive out there!
 photo 1sleepyMouse2do_zpsk35o0wq9.gif 

{the butterfly's lesson}©

The rosebuds nestled next to their mother,
a butterfly came by and it was all a flutter.
He said to the rose how sweet you be,
his wings flapped away hovering over thee.
I think i shall take you to my bosom,
where i can soak up every last blossom.
I'm not greedy for savoring every drop,
then along came a bee and the butterfly went kerplop!
The moral of the story is:
tread lightly on someone else's territory:
cause you never know if lurking about is the enemy!
Copyright©2006....(i)still got kicks~S@L


Alphabet Soup Recalled©

now that
i've got your attention.......................

Angry Bullies Concoct Devious
Energy Feeling Good However
Instantly Juvenile Karma Leads
Many Never Over Paths
Quite Righteous So They
Unaware Vent While
Xeroxing Yonder Zeal

Actually they feel better
Being that others suffer
Cause of jealousy for the other.

Because they say they never tell a lie
Everything wrong from soup to nuts they deny
To be good they won't even try
To be healthy for you and i
Instinct is why
To unhealthy we say goodbye

bring on the weedinator©

Too bad there's not another species to belong to,
besides the so called human race.
I say that everyday till i'm blue,
in every inch of my face.
In life we tango with the best,
idiots come in all shapes,sizes,colors and breeds.
We're always put to a test,
of what our patience allows and often exceeds.
When we wake up in the morning,
they're everywhere till we bed down again at night.
You'd think we'd be used to them without warning,
but our tongue we have to hold real tight.
It's not just common people that try our patience,
people in power try it to the max.
Then our words we find harder to mince,
we're turning into zombies so we best watch our backs!
Patience is a virtue,
my ass is one too.
It's something any idiot can kiss,
even they can't miss.
One of my biggest assets,
one never forgets.
So pucker up if you think
i won't raise a stink!!!!
 photo 1weedingOut_zpsod3y1vm8.jpg


Thought For The Day....®
Even tho you put blinders on me
my eyes still see
thru the rose colored glasses
how some make asses
of themselves along the way
just so petty games they can play!

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