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Oh My Sweetie Loved The Loud Boomers
to that there were no rumors,
like a kid in a candy shop
whooping like he'd never stop!
Oh Dear:Others Think I Sparkle+Pop With Awesome Talent
I've TRIED to make my time genius-ly spent,
that you called me time and time again
{ sure hope you still see it From Heaven }
 photo 1almostGenious_zpsoimxmmob.gif
Won't toot own horn and break my arm
I'll say maybe almost genius maybe no harm,
but that's like saying Almost Bliss
It Isn't Bliss Without Your Kiss Nor Am I Genius
Without You Sayin So It's Hit And Miss!

Somebody Once Told Me:
 photo 1shiner_zpskprb01fh.jpg
Well Not Having All You Physically Mine
Makes Me Too Blue To RealLee Shine,
I wanna light up the sky For My Hero
( with more pretty colors Over The Rainbow* *
I know you want me to be happy....
But Most Hard Without You Most Precious Faron Lee!
Now loomin on the horizon for me there may be Hope yet
many little birdies tell me I inspire and that to never forget,
I Dearest TRY TRY TRY yes I do
 photo 1artistField4allerDo2_zpsqejwiuj8.jpg
 photo 1usaRocket_zpsxunf7y9r.gif
~The Real Artist That Made(ME)Inspired SpeciaLee Angel Kissed~
Painted My World With His Kiss PERFECT Bliss+Perfect This........
 photo 1artistFaronLeeDo_zpslktrl1xy.jpg
 photo 1usaRocket_zpsxunf7y9r.gif
And Perfect This....
 photo 1eagleCried_zpsxnakttz7.jpg
^He Too had tears in his eyes :```` for terror 9/11 skies^

Maybe Play each video at the same time
Whatta Show to go with My Rhyme!
Oh 2010
wanna go back then....

 photo 1usaRocket_zpsxunf7y9r.gif

 photo 1usaRocket_zpsxunf7y9r.gif

Bloomin Union At The Inback Sally Bloomin 4th....
 photo 4thBlooms4me4u_zpstkiu4izo.jpg
 photo 1usaRocket_zpsxunf7y9r.gif

Give Me An F-O-U-R-T-H.....Goooo Fourth Be With You....
 photo 1couponCheer_zpsui2qvluw.jpg
^4th Of July Cheerleader For My Best Favorite Guy^
 photo 1usaRocket_zpsxunf7y9r.gif
Yeah You're Seein Double Faron Pooh
This 1's For You,
How you long to see me
me too skinny in a bikini :+)'s
Not all sunburned like a lobster
but skin creamy near alabaster
Happy Early 4th Of July
To My 4ever #1 Guy....
 photo 1dougDouble_zpsozpp1hpq.jpg

 photo 1usaRocket_zpsxunf7y9r.gif
I wanna go back to when I was a baby
I again all over Wanna Meet Faron Lee!
 photo 1glowerBabyMe_zps0vfbkjph.gif

 photo 1usaRocket_zpsxunf7y9r.gif

 photo 4thWithPooh4ever_zpsh0ruvbga.gif

 photo 1usaRocket_zpsxunf7y9r.gif

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