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Revenge....Roach Resurrection®

this ain't a pretty sight
Humor Ar Ar-Ta Hee Ta Hee
Who CAN have more fun than people seriously?!?!....

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My Friend Jarid enjoyed the usual day,
when strange happenings came his way.
There was scurrying all around,
and teeth marks in the food were found.
At first he thought a mouse,
had taken up residence in his house.
But then he heard buzzing in his ear,
something for sure was not right here.
When all of a sudden a knock at the door,
what stood there he couldn't ignore.
A group of roaches with party hats on,
they came to join their friends till dawn.
The jukebox started to crank up loud,
a mess of roaches did the hustle so proud.
He ran to the kitchen to get some raid,
everyone of these pests must be slayed.
Spraying w/enuff force to stop a dragon,
out of the smokescreen an UGLY vision.
The king roach dancin to stayin alive,
watching in horror as he did his jive....
Jarid aka jkool4ever we came to party,
and there's nothing you can do-hee hee.
We'll be here long after we force you out,
and the rest started to twist and shout.
We come in peace we must confess,
won't have it till:
we take over your address.
It's a fact we were here first,
when you moved in you became cursed.
So go ahead bring on the roachinator,
we'll still be partying here later.
In the final raid you'll be hurtin,
cause you'll face your final curtain.
We'll tie you up and leave you there,
breathing in your raid gasping for air.
It won't stop us just makes us stronger,
we'll make you suffer that much longer.
You won't be faking injury
when we're done:
they'll be real every single one.
We've only faked that's what we planned,
making you think you're in command.
Then we drop the bomb in full force,
cause we have bragging rights of course.
We're just too BAD for your own GOOD,
get rid of us if only you could.
A cigarette in 1 hand beer in the other,
saying best be crying for your mother.
You haven't defeated us yet,
and you never will it's a sure bet.
But what the bad and the ugly
aren't aware of,
is that the good only dreamed
all of the above!
Copyright ©Jan./Feb.2011~S@L~
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^it happened way back then^
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Please go see jkool4ever
and his roach poems all4 so truly comical,
without them just remember
these poems would not have been possible!
(my comment to his priceless poems)
rolling on the floor PISSING my ass off
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Roaches-the freakquel is another classic!
~and a dedication too~i'll never think of
roaches quite the same again!It's funny
to think a roach brought me a friend!
Maybe i should do a remake of it-whacha think?
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>>>>>>de roach in me face®
I'm Baaaaaaaack....
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Fly in me face,
at a fast pace.
Well i hope dem nasty
roaches don't come around
and be all up in me face.
I went to the kitchen table
to see if i was able,
to get me a little snack
and smack roach in me face.
Sometimes i get all sleepy and spaced
and forget they're all ready and placed,
to remind that they're still here
and here right in me face!
No-i ain't smokin nothin you twit,
just trippin the mind a bit!!!!
Being drunk with power my friend,
will only get you in the end!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The bigger they act for sure,
the harder they hit the floor.....
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Instead of a worm in the bottle,
there's a roach at the throttle!!!!!!!!!!
Copyright ©2010~S@L
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UnWelcome At Joes's(aka Jarid's)Apartment....

Here Are The Links To Jarid's Priceless Roach Poems All4 of em
That Started This Whole Mess Way Back Then-GOD BLESS HIM
~LOLOL~ I also put them here If'n Ugot time to check em out
Trust Me-you'll hoop and holler howlin/laughin about!!!!




Right back at ya S@L!
(my comment)
Roaches-the freakquel is another classic!
~and a dedication too~i'll never think of
roaches quite the same again!It's funny
to think a roach brought me a friend!
Maybe i should do a remake of it-whacha think?
The Original Roach.......
Attack Of The Roaches
I'm stepping out of character here with my poems. this
is the CrAzY side of me. Hope you enjoy!
Part 1

I went to a friend's house just the other day. And
man, I tell you that place I would not rather stay.
The roaches are bad; they take over the place. Let me
tell you the story...it all happened this way.
When it was time to eat, I looked around and what the
hell! This place seemed to be loaded with a bunch of
roach motels.
So we ate our food, for more my friend begged. But
something troubled me, I felt something crawling up
my leg.
It was a cockroach! I jumped up and misbehaved. So
what else was there to do, but reach for a can of raid.
I tried to spray the thing, running after it like a
soldier. It ran into a hole, but peaked out saying,
"This isn't over!"
I went back to the table...that episode gave me the
creeps. But heck I was hungry, so I returned to my
place to eat.
What I saw next put me in a sour mood. A roach was
giving thanks and proceeded to eat my food!
Well so much for dinner, I'll call it a night and brush
my teeth. I flicked on the light and there he was, "So
again we meet!"
"I told you this isn't over," then he flew towards my
face. I ducked and I took off running in a panic haste.
This roach seemed determined as he flew towards me. "If
I don't get you now," he said "then I'll get you while
your asleep."
"Every step step you make. Every move you make,you'll
think of only me. I'll pop up when you least expect it,
count on that, hehehe."
I confronted my friend and told him, "This house the
roaches rule..." I went to say more, but he interrupted,
"Silence you fool!"
"Our roaches aren't that bad..." but suddenly he let out
a scream. A roach crawled in his shorts, now he's coming
apart at the seams.
I was laughing so hard at him that I was turning blue.
Suddenly I stopped laughing, because by my ear something
It was that flying cockroach, so like a running-back I
ran. This was too much for me to take, more than I could
I ran out the house and said enough is enough. If my friend
don't want to be friends no more, then oh well, tough!"
This story was a fiction, but this truth may hurt. You see a
roach, there are more, so make a diligent search.
Don't be a victim. Please be safe and whatever you do...don't
let a bunch of no good roaches get the best of you!
Copyright ©
He said it was my Bday present cause i wanted it so much-part 2.
Told him-i should do a remake~LOLOL~freakquel(i come up with)

 Attack Of The Roaches  2 (The Freakquel)
Please read part 1 if you haven't already before
reading this one.
It's now a month later. An invitation is sent to me;
turning it down I reply, "Over my dead body!"
He tells me the roaches are gone because he called
the exterminator. I tell him, "Fine then I will see
you a little later."
I arrived to his house. He hands me a beer. "The
roaches, my friend, are gone. It's so good to have
you here!"
Drinking all that beer made me had to pee. I lifted
the toilet seat and there he was, "Sweet revenge
for me!"
I can't believe my eyes, it's that flying cockroach! I
thought they were gone, but now it doesn't appear so.
He then flew at me, so I swatted him with my hand. He
dodged and I missed, oh darn I almost pissed my pants!
I gotta pee, but the heck with it, so I ran for my life.
Looks like this will be a very long and scary night.
Guess I'll go to bed, it's not safe to walk around.
Hopefully I'll get to sleep then in the morning I'll
skip town.
What I saw next man, this just wasn't right. A roach
with PJS in bed yelled out, "Turn off that damn light!"
I guess it wasn't quick enough because he suddenly flew
at me. I ducked and he missed...hmmm now where could
he be?
When I catch up with him he will be good as dead. Suddenly
he appeared crawling quickly up my leg.
I ran in another room but stopped, the reason why you see;
my friend was in front of a statue praying down on bended
"This house is cleansed of cockroaches, though the job was
hard." But as he prayed, a roach bit him right there in
front of the lord!
"Get the raid!" He screamed "My prayers seem unheard
somehow!" So I ran to get the spray while screaming,
"Feet don't fail me now!"
I sprayed him while saying, "Life for you is over-with!"
He wasn't fazed, he stood there, "That's ant spray you
"You know you are sad and that's just too bad, because all
you've done now was simply made me mad."
I ran out of the house and my friend did to. Two cockroaches
shouted, "Don't come back or worse things we'll do to you!"
Putting his house up for sale cheap, someone will buy it
quicker then. The roaches have won this battle, sadly this
is how it ends.
Copyright ©
 Attack Of The Roaches 3 (The Final Raid)

"Forget this!" He said "Enough of this roach attack.
That's my home man, I must go and take it back!"

"That roach that bit me while I was praying to the lord.
Well that was the last straw, because now I'm declaring

We stepped in the house and the coast seemed clear.
We turned on the A.C. because its mighty hot in here.

I went to the bathroom not knowing what'll happen today.
While here I'll fix my hair and wipe the sweat off my face.

I looked in the mirror, my handsome face I wanted to see.
But in the reflection I saw a cockroach staring back at me.

I tried to reach for the door because that was in my plan.
That's when he flew at me and landed swiftly on my hand.

Now I'm getting goose bumps because he's giving me the creeps.
"Oh my damn!!" That nasty pest has just went and bitten me!

I shook and flung him off of me knocking him against the wall.
"This ain't the last of me!" He said, then ran quickly down the

Switch scenes...another room my friend is wondering how to
solve it. Drinking a beer, "These roaches will turn me into an

"I tried roach motel and the exterminator, what else to do?
I know, I'll call a priest, he'll help me see this through."

The priest came over, "Hi, my name is the reverend Slather.
But for you, you can call me the most holy blessed father."

Come by sometime and see us. Hear the word, it won't hurt.
We're right up the street at St. Anthony Catholic church."

"Now to these roaches...to get rid of them has gotten harder.
So I'll pray over this place while sprinkling some of this holy

He then blessed the house, "I rebuke you roaches. It's
overwith!" But suddenly he jumped in the air while
screaming out, "Oh holy s%#t!"

A cockroach crawled up his robe. He ran out the house fast
as he can. My friend said to me, "Oh well, so much for that

I said, "Well I'm hungry, let's grab a bite to eat.
I'll fix us both something and it'll be all my treat."

He went to grab a plate, "I'm so hungry man I'm ready to
die!" Suddenly a cockroach flew out and bit him right above
the eye!

What I saw next about ten seconds later. A cockroach took
my potato and ran under the refrigerator!

What we saw next had us both scared as hell. Ten cockroaches
came charging at us from a run-down roach motel!

My friend got scared and ran clean out of the house. Maybe
he'll be back again, but then again I seriously doubt.

I tried running away, but I slipped, stumbled and proceeded
to fall. At that point five more cockroaches came out from
behind the wall.

While on the floor I was surrounded by a army of cockroach.
I heard what appeared to be the leader say to the others,
"Get a rope!"

"You won't get away with this! The end is coming of
your rule." One cockroach walked up then slapped me
saying, "Aaaah shut up you fool!"

"We're gonna torture you by biting you all over the place.
Then we're gonna insult you by leaving droppings on your

"The exterminator ran us off, but now we're back again.
We're gonna rid all you humans and it begins with you my

"We're gonna have the last laugh, so sucker face your doom."
Suddenly a raid robot burst through the wall into the room.

"What the hell?" The roaches asked. I replied, "You heard
of the terminator? Well now meet your match, say hello to
the roachinator."

A roach replied, "Man what in the hell do you mean? We have
to torture you, we have no time for Halloween."

One cockroach screamed out, "Oh my god he has a gun!" So in
every direction all the roaches proceeded to run.

My friend controled the robot, so in the air raid it did
spray. They all tried to run but not even one could get

They all started dying. I guess that'll teach them all a
lesson. It's crazy we had to rid them by having our own

You may think this all was crazy, but all I have to say is,
"So." Think again what could happen if you stumble on a

The End.
Copyright ©


 Attack Of The Roaches 4 (The Return)
Three months have now passed. There's my friend on the phone.
It seems to be serious and I'm wondering what is wrong.
He puts on the speaker, "I see no roaches in your home.
Rejoice my friend; be happy, for they are dead and gone."
Hanging up the phone he's now very excited. I asked,
"Who was that?" He replied, "It was a psychic."
"I called and asked will I see roaches here again. Well you
heard what was said so let the fun now begin."
There was a knock at the door and I thought it was for me.
My friend then told me, "Oh I ordered us something to eat."
It was the pizza man, "Your order comes to twenty dollars and
fifty cents. Ya know I take tips, it'll help me pay the rent."
My friend paid without a tip then slammed the door in his face.
"Guess that'll teach him, cause I just closed that stupid case!"
"Hey, this isn't the pizza I ordered!" So he ran out of the house.
"Come back you fool!" Out in the yard he begins to scream and
"I'll go after him," I told my friend. "Lets jump in my car.
We'll go to that pizza place to have it out with them in war."
So there we are racing down the street and now we exit right.
Oh good, from a distance I see I got the green light.
The light then turns yellow, so I then step on the gas. That's
when a cockroach in the back seat shouted out,"Slow down
you ass!"
My friend and I can't believe it; it's a flying cockroach!
We got distracted and crashed into a tree, which did hurt
us both.
The cockroach stumbled out of the car shaking off his injuries
and all. "Oh my head...yall jumped me! I'm coming back with 50
roaches for both of yall!"
We ran back home, good thing that was a rent-a-car.  And to get
back to the house...well we weren't really that far.
At home, my friend called 911 hoping that it'll turn out fine.
We couldn't get through, a group  of cockroaches chewed
through the line!
What I saw next I thought was a big mistake, I see that same
cockroach faking an injury while wearing a neck brace!
"That's them!" He pointed at us. "While I was trying to take a break.
They jumped me from behind and tried to spray me with roach spray!"
Suddenly thirty cockroaches came flying, buzzing all around
my ear. I can't believe that this is happening; I'm re-living my
worst fear!
One cockroach had pepper spray and sprayed it right in my eyes.
"You killed my family!" He said, "Now the both of you must die!"
I blindly threw punches when a roach broke a bottle across my
head. I fell to the ground and didn't move as if I were dead.
Now toward my friend all their attention they did switch,
but little did they know he called on his cell a witch.
There was a knock at the door, "You're in trouble now you jerks!
I just called a witch and on you all she'll place a curse!"
The witch came in waving her wand,"Oh you pest, now grieve and
hurt! You will experience bad luck, for on you roaches I place a curse!"
She then went into a convulsion, "Mama sa mama sa mama ma coo sa!"
she said. Slob was dripping from her mouth while swaying back and
forth her head.
She threw silver dust in the air, then burned some sweet incense.
That's when one cockroach said, "I'll put an end to this nonsense!"
She then rolled back her eyes, but little did she know to her surprise.
The cockroach walked up and bit her; she screamed out,"Good god alive!"
She threw down her wand and ran right out the door! One cockroach
stood in the doorway, "Don't come back round here any more!"
He then told my friend, "So you tried to have us cursed? Well we're
gonna bite you all over the place...we're gonna make you hurt!"
My friend ran in another room and closed the door behind him.
"I'll be safe in here." Said he, hoping that this come to an end.
What he said next was nothing but a cruel betray, "I'll stay in
here so they can torture my friend, then maybe they'll go away."
The cockroaches came charging in by crawling underneath the door.
"Aaah, we got you now you sucker! This is what we were waiting for!"
He replied, "I'll give you money, food stamps, whatever...just
leave me alone!" They hear a noise in another room and they're
sensing something's wrong.
"You two," One cockroach said to the others "go and see what was
that." My friend is cornered by the roaches and he's waiting for the
"You used  raid on my relatives. Some you trapped in a roach motel.
You humans can't get rid of us, I'll see you both in hell!"
They then surrounded my friend just like a group of thugs.
My friend became afraid...he knew this wasn't a group hug.
One cockroach came back screaming, "It's that thing, the Roachinator!
It got one of us, so the heck with this, I will defiantly see you later!"
The roaches then got hysterical flying and running all around. The
Roachinator came in spraying, I'm at the controls knocking them
They all started to die, I asked my friend, "Are you alright?"
He replied, "Yes, thank you! You've just saved my very life!"
"I was gonna kill them myself because they jumped and knocked you
out." I replied, "You're a liar, because I know what you're about!"
"Heard what you said about them torturing me so thanks a lot my
friend!" A friendship ends over roaches, is this now truly the end?  
Copyright ©