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 iCry:` `( ToBeWithFaronWhoseHomeIsNowInHeaven

To Condition Or Not To Condition®

Like a friend's gesture
not expecting anything in return,
but especially from Your Lover
accepting no matter what having no conditions you learn!
Your body and heart will burn
but you'll wanna stay,
there's none better to earn
as Love Unconditionally your main concern every single day!
Sure wish I had somebody to spend time with me
( If Only Had Precious Faron To Still Take Me To Ecstasy * *
So miss making sweet love
But Most Of All Miss My Most Special Angel From Above!
If somebody were to lay
me down and try to please,
they couldn't even come close no way
and I'd feel I was cheating and beg forgiveness on my knees!
In so many ways we were different
He liked cherry I like strawberry,
but when came to matters of the heart it always went
smooth as smoothly could be!
He liked pickles and relish that dude
hard to understand how somebody so sweet,
could be such a sour puss with food
{ But As Soul Food His Lips His All The Greatest Treat }
I am so lonely
but when you've had the best,
you can't settle for anybody
else they're meaningless the rest!
TRY to be happy it's no use
just TRY to make Him proud all I can do,
my heart broken in pieces from torture abuse
but I still give of it+Love Hard And True!
Please Don't hate me cause I'm Loving And Giving
and most needy please don't push me aside,
I'm only TRYING to exist here never living
and barely crawling now where I used to effortlessly glide!
There are certain ones that claim to care but choose to stomp on
my already broken heart and more pain they put upon,
God knows them and they should know who they are yes this as well true
and they should know who they are not too!
I have a couple special
friends whose mere talk of anything more brings guilt beyond compare,
just the talk of it taking its toll
and the guilt too hard to bear!
But at the same time makes me feel
good that I could be loved still,
I am human but not anymore sexy for real
and can't see how anybody else could want me and have that will!
~And Beautiful Forget That Too Misery My Beauty Has Stole~
I don't have to explain myself to anybody here
but I do to Faron Most Dear,
But I need(some-body)to spoil me to hold me to hug and kiss!
Just had to get it off my chest Faron Please Come Back Home
I'm sorry you hear this but you already know,
Not able to handle being on my own so alone
and NOT me and NOT responsible for where I(MIGHT)be tempted to go!
I Will Love You Dearest Faron Forever
Stop Mourning You That Will Happen Never,
Anybody Else Would Just Be Compared To You
Can't Have(You)The Only One I....
Really Want So With So Called Life I'm Thru
Please Caring Ones Pray For Me
That I Soon Find Peace+Mercy
till then SALLY will just cry cry cry and more and more die

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Endless Senses also sense when not wanted by someone they can tell
Plunging them more into living hell
It's been said I have a heart of gold
Well gold when worn out can lose its shine As Another True Story's Told
Yeah But Look At That Glow
See That Burning Passion Go
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