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Titles and Testimonies

Titles and Testimonies

The world is full of labels, titles and tags and such
In fact if you don't have one you don't amount to much
Presidents to pastors, kings and queens
Professors and doctors and many other things
Some titles get you prestige, fortune and fame
Doors fly open and red carpets roll at the sound of a name
Everybody wants a title so the whole world can see
Stand up and take notice, pay attention to me
Some go to school for years and years
Just to gain a title above their peers
A biblical look at titles allowed me to see
That it's not about a title but a testimony
A title may get you a position here on earth
But it is not eternal and has no heavenly worth
Egypt called him Pharaoh; ruler of the land
But Joseph's testimony arose from the famine at hand
Take another look at Pharaoh, Egyptian ruler and king
He faced the testimony of Moses and lost everything
What about King Saul; head and shoulders apart
But it was David's testimony after gods own heart
Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian king
Had a golden image for people to worship and sing
But some Hebrew boys whose testimonies were strong
Convinced Mr. high and mighty that his title was wrong
Even the high priest; the pastors of that day
Without a testimony saw their title taken away
From the Old Testament and on through the new
Because Cesar and Pilot had their title taken too
Jesus promises a new name for those who overcome
And where do you think the victory comes from
By the blood of the lamb and look you see
Not the word of a title but a testimony
It's not by a title that heaven lets you in
But making the transition from servant to friend
When we get to heaven and meet the Son
The good servants are the ones who will hear well done
Not pastor or doctor enter into my rest
But  all God's children who gave their very best
God is not against titles don't get me wrong
But the only one that really matters is written on his throne

J. Moore

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Titles and Testimonies