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Face Down Before Jesus

Face Down Before Jesus

Face down at the feet of Jesus in sin and shame
Surrounded my many accusers pointing in blame
He is an adulterer, caught in the very act
A liar and betrayer as a matter of fact
He was a terrible father and a leader as well
His reward should be found in the depths of hell
He was not a good friend, not very good at all
He turned and walked away when someone would fall
Stones in their hands, anger in their eyes
They piled their accusation up to the sky
He was a bad example everywhere that he went
He Did not't help the poor with the money he spent
He cheated on his taxes and lied on applications
He laughed at others failures and life's devastation's
He is the reason his daughters choose bad men
And the reason his sons mistreat their women
The cause of every insecurity, and selfish thought
All have been mislead by the things he taught
A million fingers pointed at me, I dare not left my head
I lay sick in my sinfulness wishing I were dead
I could not give an answer, I knew that I was wrong
In fact at times I knew I was sinning all along
Face down before Jesus acknowledging my fall
Expecting condemnation and death for it all
The crowd in total silence, no one made a sound
Jesus stretching out his hand lifting from the ground
You have judged correctly this man should be stoned
But unless you stand without sin leave him alone
Where now are you accusers He softly said to me
They are of no consequence now it's you and Me
Go and sin no more, your debt has been repaid
But be sure to build new life on the foundation I have laid
He wiped away my tears, and removed all my fears
Then took away the guilt I carried around all those years
He said he believed in me. He believed in me
My mind could not conceive how that could be
He even called me friend and introduce me to a friend
One to walk and talk me through every situation I am in
Face down before Jesus but not as in former days
Now face down before Jesus in joy and utter praise
He doesn't view me as the wretch others see in me
But a blood washed, reborn saint  He has redeemed

J. Moore

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Face Down Before Jesus