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I am rebuilding, my foundation
My mission, my quest, my goals, of my health as my wealth, is gettin--DONE

Right now i do, not know, what is my exact weight
I do not know, how much i have lost, as my fate

But i was at last year, at three thirty six
As heavy as a ton of bricks

So right now, i do not even know, just where my weight is exactly, at
I do not even care no more, to know that fact

I know that i still am a long way, of breaking two-hundred, for sure
So i know, in my life, living, and love, my mission, quest and goals, i have to push, preservere, and endure

Last yesr on the 16th of december at twelve noon, at 336--isexactly where i did start
So to continue my mission, my quest, and goals, to reach one ninety nine, is my plan in my heart

By john d jungers
20 december 2016

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I am rebuilding my foundation