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Let my words be very exact choice and wise
I do not wan to get ambushed, again, and attacked by surprise

When i speak
I do not want my words, to be, used, against me and, make me--weak

Im thinking to myself
That i just want to speak, and talk, very much, less, as i focus on my mission, my quest and goals, of my health as my wealth

I know, that i must, chose my words very, very, wisely, when i speak
Again, i will not talk so quickly, and so freely, so openly, just to let others, , attach me, put me down, criticize, shame, me shun me, and make me feel--sad, worthless and weak

I am, not going to let no one, slow-- me --down-- and make me feel, any less
I am going to continue, to pick up the pace, in m race, striving to b and become, the best of my best and the greatest

By john d jungers
22 december 2016

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Let my words be choice and wise