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I do not, always post everything, and all that i write
Sometimes, the hurt, rejection, disappointment, and angry, rage, comes out of the dark, and into the light

For me, i need to write, and put onto paper, what exactly i feel
Because i know, that i am very sensitive, and when things hurt me, my peace and rest, is stealed

The other day, i had to rip up, four long poems that i wrote
I re-read them, and i could not post such a dark, dreary, and sour note

But as i know, and remember my mother
Every positive note, will lead to another

So let the anger, and negativity, go, and the love and, forgiveness and positivity, abundantly--flow
With your heart light lovingly a glow

By john d jungers
22 december 2016

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I do not, always post, all that i write