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Everyday, i know, that im making, GREAT--PROGRESS And-- i --know, --that-- im --not --going-- to --let, --anything, --or--anybody, --make-- ME---feel,-- any---LOWER--or---LESS

For ---i ---know, ---my ---MISSION, ---my ---QUEST,--- and ---GOAL And --for--i--know,-- that --im-- on --a --MOTIVATING, --POSITIVE----ROLL

My MOMENTUM, is no intact, and firmly, solidly in PLACE
And i am picking up the pace, in this life, living, and love, fitness RACE

So with quiet, silent PRAYER
To the good LORD, my HEART feelings i PRAY, and SHARE
For i know, that the road ahead of me is windy, long and hard, and up --HILL
But i can look ahead, and to accomplish my goal, i can feel the --accomplishment, excitement, and--THRILL

By john d jungers
11th of January 2017

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Everyday i know that im making--PROGRESS