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He is his own, worst enemy
As the greatest, and most famous, he, proudly is striving to be

A person, with great greed, and selfishness
They wont stop, they want more and more, and not any less

A person, without HEART, who has greed on his, mind
No peace, rest or serenity can they find

A greedy and selfish person
No one can or will beat them, they become their own worst enemy, and to be beaten, by themself, --they are the only one

When a person is motivated by greed
To their doom, and destruction, it shall, lead

If wealth, fame, and fortune is what you seek
You will become your own worst-enemy, , fall, falter, become failed and weak

Selfishness and greed
To your doom will lead

By john d jungers
03--february 2017

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He is his own worst enemy