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QUIET--TIME Now i am spending with myself, and begin a simple little poem, of--RHYME
QUIET--TIME--all --ALONE As this day im spending completely on my--OWN
Sometimes we are talking and talking too--MUCH To everybody, and so many people as--SUCH
So for me, its good this day im all,--ALONE With no conversation to another said or--KNOWN
To ---PAUSE---, PRAY---, and ---REFLECT Thinking about my life, living and loves, positives, happinesses, hurts and--REJECTS
Sometimes we push and push, survive, thrive, and strive, and--CLIMB Always trying and fighting to reach the top, competing and--TRYING
This--QUIET-- TIME---TODAY For -me -is --RELAXING-- and -its -a---BLESSING--- in ---EVERY-WAY
Sometimes, many times we speak words daily to others of--MANY Today it feels good, not a word to another aloud i have said of--ANY
Today ---has ---been ---total ---complete ---QUIET--TIME The --sun --has --been,-- long --gone,-- and, --already-- set,-- and --im --just --maxin --and --relaxin,-- awaiting --the --new --sunrise,-- and --begin-- a ----day --a --new, -- with --beautiful -- welcomed, --SUNSHINE
By john d jungers

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Quiet time