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Not, hate, discontent, betrayal, and neglect

A person, can become ,understanding, and--forgiving
But never will they forget, the stress, hurt, and shame, that to them another had been giving

Some things, no matter how many day, weeks, years, and years, come to past
The hurtful, painful, memories, of hate, discontent, betrayal, and neglect, will for a life time, go on and on and hurtfully last

But --with--FAITH--HOPE--and--LOVE--we --learn --to --take-- it --all --in --STRIDE--each --and --EVERY-DAY
And -------- to --------meditate, --------pause,--------reflect--------- and------- PRAY

Pray, for the strength, and courage to FORGIVE,
And to,- show--mercy, --and --grace, --and --more --lovingly--,happily---POSITIVELY--HEALTHILY--LIVE

Most of the times, in your life, living, and love, when thats what you give, well than thats what in return, right back to you, that, your-- gonna --GET

But as we know, in a perfect, world things will happen and come back to us this a WAY
But the fact, of the matter, is things don't, always exactly, and a matter, of, factly, by these universal rules exactly --PLAY

When we recieve, hate, discontent, hurt, shame, and, NEGLECT
It will knock the wind outta ya, break you down to your knees,---when the hurt, shame, and pain, , you just never would ---EXPECT

So it will knock you out, and put you DOWN
Some folks can never recover, wash and wear away, that saddness, that hurtfullness, and go on and on, still living, not walking, but heavily, hurtfully, carrying, that baggage, and --LIMPING--sadly, wearily, devastatingly, carrying the hurt, pain, and shame, and wearing, the damaging, deadly, depressing, FROWN

Believe me i have been there, and done that, oh LORD, for-- too--- LONG
I felt, so completely, deafeately, totally, consumed, hurt, devastated, and doomed, from the hate, discontent, betrayal, and neglect, hurt, and--shame--, in --how-- i --was,--for--so--long-- terribly---terribly--BETRAYED---and----WRONGED-

With --LOVE, --HONOR--, and --RESPECT
One-day,-- for --US--all,-- WE--will --MEET--, or --THEY-- will --find --US--and --make --US--feel --like --WE--are --someone --so--very--extra--special--, making-- US--feel --GREATER-- than-- GREAT--, elite --and --tall--, and --wash-- away --from --OUR--heart --and-- mind, --will --be --the --pain,-- hurt--and--shame, --of --all--the --hate,-- discontent--, betrayal, --and --terrible --terrible--neglect

The ---lesson---, in ---our ---life,--- living,--- and ---love ---for ---US---all
Is --to --show --ALL--love, --honor--, and --respect, --and --know --that --with -----GODS, -LOVE, -MERCY-GRACE, -and-- UNDERSTANDING, --and --FORGIVENESS, -HE--loves-- US--greatly--, and-- elitely--, and-- in --HIS--eyes--,WE--are, --PERFECT, --and ,-- through --HIS--love, --WE--should-- know-- OUR--worth, --and --stand-- proud, --great,--brave--confident--GREATER--than--GREAT--- and-- TALL

By john d jungers
10th of February 2017

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