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For a dear, GRAND-MOTHER, who will soon pass, and is FAILING
The LOVE, for her, by her ,beloved family, will forever shine, and go on, PREVAILING

A GRAND-MOTHER, their wisdom, grace, love, and understanding
Is so gentle, kind, caring, compassionate, considerate and--OUTSTANDING

For a GRAND-DAUGHTER, to watch her champion, and hero, slow, fail, and GO
Is for always a deafening, devastating BLOW

As i write this simple poem, for my, -- daughters best friend --and --Co-WORKER
I --wish --to --simply, --reach-- out --and --touch-- her --and --console--HER
ASHLIN, --i --just-- wish --you --WELL And may GOD BLESS YOU, and your FAMILY, and loved ones i just wish to --TELL
Time --on --this --earth, --for --us --all --will --come --to --PASS But --our --cherished --life --long --memories-- of --those --we --encountered --family --friends --and --acquaintances--, forever-- in --the --hearts --of --all,-- will --always --and --FOREVER-- LAST

May ---GOD ---BLESS ---YOU,--- and ---your ---FAMILY---TOO
In -this -most -difficult, -challenging--and --trying --time, --of --hurt,--sadness-- anxiety--, pain, --heartache-- and --BLUE
GOD--- BLESS--- YOU---ALL Have ----faith, ----and ----pray ----hold ----onto---- each ----other, ----with ----the ----LOVE ----of ----GOD, ----stand ----BRAVE---- and ----TALL

By john d JUNGERS
10th of february 2017

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For a GRAND-MOTHER, who soon, will, pass, and is --now--FAILING